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The 5-year Plan

  • The goals of the Five-Year Plan include the construction of the power line along Diamond Bar Road to Grand Canyon West, an endeavor which may take three years starting with the formal go-ahead from the tribe, which is contingent upon the successful outcome of the Secretarial Election, to the final inspection of the power line.
  • With the initiation of the power line project, the HTUA will commission a Cost of Service study that ensures electrical rates are set at the correct amount so the monthly payments on the USDA’s loan, which will pay for the majority of the construction costs, can be safely covered by the monthly electrical payments received by the HTUA from GCRC. During this period, the HTUA will become an operational distribution and generation tribal utility with full-time management, customer service and support, and a line crew, ideally all sourced from tribal members. 
  • The HTUA will manage its newly awarded Boulder Canyon Project (Hoover Dam) power allocations which will provide low cost hydro power to the tribe directly rather than running these through a third-party utility (middle-man) which yields only a minor benefit to the tribe. The HTUA will also play a key role in shaping the 2024 re-allocation of the Colorado River Storage Project (Glen Canyon Dam), a hydro power resource the tribe currently benefits from through a third-party utility, and which it can now make direct use of. 
  • Once the HTUA becomes successful in operating the utility in Years Four and Five, it will seek to expand electric service to the balance of the Hualapai Reservation, including Peach Springs, which includes the purchasing of Mohave Electric Cooperative’s electrical system.
  • In addition, the HTUA may engage in planning efforts to construct a solar farm large enough to meet the daytime power needs of the Peach Springs and Grand Canyon West communities.
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